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Planted generations ago, deep in the Torto Valley, in the Douro interior, Macedos ancient vines, nurtured and handled with care, still manage to produce a precious yearly crop. We believe they are probably some of the oldest vines grown in the world’s oldest DOC. Uniquely, we feel- and together with the wines- they offer you a direct link to the Douro past, its heritage and tradition of winemaking.

Latest News - A year of heat and dust

Although we are now in our twelfth harvest I never cease to be amazed at how our old vines nurture their fruit and survive through to ripening, yet somehow they do. Perhaps the north facing slopes provide a precious helping hand, and remarkably, in many years they arrive at the adega door showing great elegance and freshness.

The challenges faced this year were especially harsh; for the fifth year out of eight the lack of sufficient winter rains led to a greater shortage of moisture in the soil. Most of the past eight years were classified as arid or semi arid and the cumulative effect has been noticeable on the vine, those with a good crop in August were harvested in early September and with a much reduced fruit crop.

What we have picked this year looks really promising; having filled two lagares with grapes from our oldest vines, they were lightly crushed and entered for treading at fourteen degrees alcohol. The field blend of Touriga Franca was particularly aromatic and fresh, our new vines with their mix of Touriga Nacional, Tinta Amarela , Roriz and Tinto Cao(‘red dog’!) have produced some of the deepest coloured musts I can remember. We have thinned the ratio of skins to juice for fear of over extracting. Trodden and steeped for forty eight hours we had a natural and spontaneous start to fermentation on the 3rd day, without the use of additional yeast inoculation.

First Tastings:

Old vines: deep bruised purple rim and core, ripe and concentrated black fruit, cherry and hint of ripe fig; medium bodied with underlying freshness. Elegant tannins with a lingering finish of dark cherries.

Young vines:deep purple rim and core, slightly flinty nose but clearing to show rich and ripe blackcurrant with fresh acidity, medium bodied combining some dried grass and dusty tannins on the finish More to follow