Enviromental Sustainability

Believing that the quality of the harvest is the key to producing fine wines, we work hard to allow our vines to evolve and ripen naturally, without any artificial aid, and to flourish in harmony with the wild Douro flora and fauna habitat.

In spring, the terraces are covered with abundant wild flowers- Wild Lavender, Rock Roses, Aniseed, Rosemary, Thyme, Penny Royal, Red Poppies, Sweet Williams and amongst our old vines we apply no artificial herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. We simply control this ground cover through repeated trimming. We increase the organic content of the soil by spreading our pomace amongst the vines. Also every 4 years, using a horse and plough, we till the soil. All this enables the grapes to ripen in a balanced and natural soil.

Our wines are also made as naturally as possible. Our philosophy is one of minimum interference. We do not inoculate for Fermentation or Malolactic, and as a consequence our wines take a little longer to develop. Maintaining low levels of Free Sulphur, our barrel-aged wines are racked for sediment and are bottled unfiltered. Since 2000, we have gained a reputation for a bold style of winemaking. Our ancient vines, tiny yields and “organic” practices produce deeply structured, fruit driven red wines high in polyphenols. Naturally fermented and foot trodden, they are rich exemplars of the unique Douro heritage.