The Wines
Quinta de

“Our grapes and your Wine”

Quinta de Macedos - a veritable heavyweight among wines, it is a wine to lay down and keep. A purity of fruit and precocious with tannins, if you want to drink it now it's well worth decanting some time before you plan to drink. Made from our ancient vines, each vintage yields only 3,000 bottles.

Lagar de Macedos - made from the 'younger' vines planted as recently as 1945! The wine is bottle aged at the Quinta for up to 6 years prior to release. Rich and elegant, we produce about 2,000 bottles of each vintage.

Pinga do Torto - the most accessible of the Quinta's wines, drinking now, urgent, compelling and flamboyant. Blended partially from our new vines, it a spectacular mouthful of sunshine and spice.